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Plantation, Florida Intersection Accident Lawyer

Plantation, Florida Intersection Accident Lawyer

Plantation, Florida Intersection Accident Lawyer Pursues Compensation

Dedicated Legal Assistance When You Have Been Seriously Injured

Intersections can be very dangerous places. Drivers run red lights or stop signs, speed up to make it through yellow lights, turn left without enough attention to oncoming traffic, and otherwise drive without safety in mind, causing accidents that result in serious injuries and fatalities. According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV), in a recent year over 5,700 people suffered incapacitating injuries in intersection crashes in the state, and nearly 1,000 were killed. Almost 25,000 more individuals experienced non-incapacitating injuries.

Severe injuries resulting from high-impact motor vehicle accidents can be physically and emotionally debilitating, while also threatening your financial well-being.  If you were hurt in an intersection crash that was caused by the negligence of another party, you could get compensation to pay for your medical bills and other damages.

Reach Out to An Effective Intersection Accident Lawyer for Assistance

Plantation intersection accident lawyer Carlos M. Amor fights for the interests of people who have been injured in car accidents at intersections and elsewhere. He can relieve you of the stress of dealing with insurance companies as you focus on recuperation. Reach out to him today to learn about how he may be able to help you get maximum compensation for your injuries.

Contact Carlos M. Amor, P.A. at (954) 453-7200. Attorney Amor offers free consultations, by phone, via video meeting, or in person, whichever method is most convenient for you.

Why Choose Our Intersection Accident Attorney?

Strength. Experience. Compassion.

Since 2007, Florida native Carlos M. Amor has put his skill to work protecting the rights of Floridians with complex legal problems. He has built a strong reputation among clients for his knowledge, responsiveness and willingness to stand up for their interests against even the toughest opposition. Attorney Amor is:

  • A powerful negotiator and talented litigator who gets people injured in accidents the results they need to move forward with their lives
  • A strategic counselor with a clear understanding of the evidence needed to prove liability in intersection accident cases
  • An effective communicator who responds quickly and compassionately to clients’ questions and concerns
  • An award-winning lawyer who has been highly rated by his legal peers for his integrity and professionalism.

We offer free consultations in personal injury cases. 

Call (954) 453-7200 to arrange a consultation by phone, in person or via video.

How We Can Help After an Intersection Accident

When you are dealing with the physical and emotional aftermath of a serious injury accident, the last thing you should have to do is battle with insurance companies to get the money you need to pay doctor bills. We can relieve you of that stress so you can concentrate on recovery. Our intersection accident lawyer will:

  • Investigate the accident and gather the evidence to prove liability
  • Take care of all the complicated paperwork involved in an insurance claim
  • Advise you about the possible value of your case based on your damages
  • Negotiate with insurers to try and get you maximum compensation
  • Counsel you about taking your case to court if a fair settlement offer is not forthcoming.

We will be at your side from beginning to end of your case providing legal support and guidance during this difficult period in your life. Our trustworthy attorney Carlos M. Amor works hard for victims of injury accidents caused by negligence.

While you focus on your health and well-being, our Plantation intersection accident lawyer will focus on recovering compensation to pay for your injuries.

How Much Money Can I Get for My Accident?

There is no simple answer to this question. How much money you may get is based on the extent of your injuries and the individual intricacies of your case. Because Florida is a no-fault insurance state, you may have to turn to your personal injury protection (PIP) insurance to pay a percentage of your medical expenses and other economic losses up to your policy limit. If your injuries are severe enough that you can step outside of the no-fault system and file an insurance liability claim or a lawsuit against the party or parties who caused your injuries, you could get compensation for the full value of your economic damages as well as pain and suffering and other noneconomic losses.

To make a claim outside the no-fault system you must have suffered injuries as described in Florida Statute 627.737(2):

  • Significant and permanent loss of an important bodily function
  • Significant and permanent scarring and disfigurement
  • Permanent injury within a reasonable degree of medical probability, other than scarring or disfigurement.

Once our intersection accident attorney learns about the details of your case, he can explain what your claim may be worth. Call our Plantation law firm for a free case evaluation at (954) 453-7200. 

Intersection Accident FAQs

Intersection Accident Lawyer in Plantation Answers Common Questions

Following are answers to general questions we frequently receive from accident victims. For answers that address your unique situation, arrange a confidential consultation with our intersection accident lawyer in Plantation.

How long do I have to file a lawsuit?

How long you have to file a lawsuit is governed by the Florida Statute of Limitations. Generally, it is four years from the date of the accident or the date you discovered your injuries. There are some exceptions to this rule so do not give up on filing if you are near the deadline before speaking with an attorney. Carlos M. Amor can examine your situation and explain whether you may still be able to pursue compensation.

What kinds of damages can I claim in an intersection accident lawsuit?

The damages you can claim in an intersection accident lawsuit will depend on the specifics of your case. Typical damages in motor vehicle accident suits include payment for:

  • Current and future medical costs associated with injuries
  • Lost wages and lost or reduced future earning capacity
  • Assistance with the basic activities of daily life, such as eating, dressing, etc.
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional anguish.

When we handle your case we will advise you about damages you may be able to claim. Call (954) 453-7200 to arrange a free consultation.

Can I get compensation for my family member’s death in an intersection accident?

If you are an eligible survivor, you may be able to get compensation for your family member’s death in an intersection accident. The personal representative of the deceased must file a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of the estate and survivors. Damages in wrongful death lawsuits may include compensation for lost support and services provided by the deceased, lost future earnings, lost companionship and protection, loss of parental guidance, mental pain and suffering of survivors, funeral and burial costs, and more. The statute of limitations for filing wrongful death suits is usually two years from the date the person died. If this deadline has passed, speak to an attorney to determine if there are any filing exceptions that may apply to your case.

Who can I hold liable for my injuries?

Who you can hold liable for your injuries depends on the circumstances. Sometimes more than one party may be at fault for intersection accidents. The negligent driver who hit you may be responsible. If that person was driving as part of their employment, such as for a trucking company, the company may also be liable if the driver was poorly trained or the truck needed known repairs, for example. If there was an equipment failure on a vehicle that contributed to the accident, the manufacturer of the part may be named in a claim. Agencies responsible for designing and maintaining intersections and roadways could also be liable if poor design or maintenance helped cause the accident.

How Intersection Accidents Happen

According to the Federal Highway Administration, over 50% of the combined total of injury and fatal accidents happen at or near intersections. How do these crashes happen? Here are some ways:

  • Drivers turn left into oncoming cars or run red lights or stop signs, causing T-bone accidents.
  • Speeding drivers are unable to slow when approaching a stoplight or sign and cause rear-end collisions.
  • Drivers speed up to get through yellow lights rather than stopping.
  • Drivers turn right without attention to safety when oncoming drivers have the green light.

However your injury crash happened, if it was due to the negligence of another driver or other party, our Plantation intersection accident lawyer will stand up for your right to compensation.

Get Help from Intersection Accident Attorney, Carlos M. Amor

Turn to A Compassionate Intersection Accident Attorney in Plantation

Our law firm is on your side when you have been injured in an intersection accident or other type of crash due to negligence. We may be able to help you get significant compensation for your injuries. Call Carlos M. Amor, P.A. for help today at (954) 453-7200.

Attorney Amor offers free consultations, by phone, via video meeting, or in person, whatever is most convenient for you. Do not hesitate to reach out when you need legal representation from an experienced and compassionate attorney.

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